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Bigger than bigger

Bigger than bigger
iPhone 6 isn't simply bigger - it's better in every way. Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display. It's one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of iPhone that's better by any measure.

iPhone at its largest.And thinnest.
In creating iPhone 6, we scrutinised every element and material. That's how we arrived at a smooth, continuous form. A thinner profile made possible by our thinnest display yet. And intuitively placed buttons. All made with beautiful anodised aluminium, stainless steel and glass. It's a thousand tiny details that add up to something big. Or in this case, two big things - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

An innovative seamless design.
The first thing you notice when you hold iPhone 6 is how great it feels in your hand. The cover glass curves down around the sides to meet the anodised aluminium enclosure in a remarkable, simplified design. There are no distinct edges. No gaps. Just a smooth, seamless bond of metal and glass that feels like one continuous surface.

Streamlined. Inside and out.
Designing a larger iPhone without making it feel bigger was no small task. It required challenging the idea of "big". It called for narrowing when the natural inclination was to expand. It meant condensing powerful technologies and making chips smaller and batteries thinner, all while making them more capable. And it meant engineering our thinnest, most advanced Multi‑Touch display. All of which yields a dramatically thin design.

Everything within reach.
By creating iPhone 6 and iOS 8 together, we optimised the software to enhance the physical design. iOS swipe gestures were designed to be more fluid across the seamless form, making it easy to navigate iPhone with one hand. With new features like Reachability you can interact with the larger screen in different ways too. Simply double touch the Home button and the entire screen shifts down closer to your thumb. And to easily navigate Safari or Mail, swipe left to right across the screen to go backwards, or swipe right to left to go forwards. With the new continuous surface of iPhone, all your gestures now feel smoother than ever.

We also thought about how you use your iPhone every day and redesigned the buttons to make it even easier to use. Elongated volume buttons are integrated into the thinner profile, outlined to make them effortless to find by touch. And the Sleep/Wake button has a new home on the side of the device to put it comfortably within reach. The result is an experience that's even more intuitive.

The elements of beautiful design.
To create a larger iPhone that's extraordinarily light, we pioneered new display technologies. We carefully selected every material. Each detail was meticulously designed, engineered and crafted until iPhone had an incredibly thin, continuous form. From the anodised aluminium and stainless steel to the curve of the polished glass, iPhone 6 is worth its weight in gold, silver and space grey.

Not just a bigger display. A better display.
The size of the new, higher-resolution Retina HD displays on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus may be the first thing you notice. But what you experience is so much more. With innovations that deliver higher contrast, dual‑domain pixels for more accurate colour at wider viewing angles, and an improved polariser, these are the thinnest, most advanced Multi‑Touch displays we've ever made.

Innovation on full display.
The Retina HD display is your window into everything you do on iPhone. So it has to be great. And with full sRGB colour standard, higher contrast, and incredible brightness and white balance, it is.

Higher contrast
Rather than using traditional methods to create the higher-resolution Retina HD display, we developed an advanced process of photo alignment. This involves using UV light to precisely position the display's liquid crystals so they lie exactly where they should. Better-aligned crystals deliver a superior viewing experience, with deeper blacks and sharper text.

Wider-angle viewing
Larger displays make sharing easier. To make sure everyone experiences stunning clarity, the new Retina HD display has dual-domain pixels to enable colour accuracy from corner to corner. So films and photos stay true, even when viewing from wider angles.

Improved polariser
Your iPhone goes everywhere you do. And sometimes that's outdoors in the sun. With that in mind, the Retina HD display has an improved polariser so you get a clearer view when you're wearing sunglasses.

Hugely powerful. Enormously efficient.
iPhone 6 features an A8 chip built on second-generation 64-bit desktop-class architecture. Its incredible power is enhanced by an M8 motion coProcessor : that efficiently measures your activity from advanced sensors, including a new barometer. So you can do more, for longer periods of time, with better performance and battery life.

A8 chip. High performance that's highly efficient.
The all-new A8 chip is our fastest yet. Its CPU and graphics performance are faster than on the A7 chip, even while powering a larger display and incredible new features. And because it's designed to be so power efficient, the A8 chip can sustain higher performance - so you can play graphics-intensive games or enjoy video at higher frame rates for longer than ever.

Two billion transistors strong.
A8 uses an advanced 20-nanometre process. It's a remarkably small and efficient chip on which two billion transistors deliver incredible performance with up to 50 per cent more energy efficiency than the A7 chip.

Great battery life. Even while powering great new features.
iPhone 6 is designed to be incredibly efficient. So you can spend your day taking advantage of all its new features and apps while getting better battery life.

The power behind our most powerful camera.
The iSight camera in iPhone 6 features an Apple-designed video encoder and image signal Processor : built into the A8 chip. They support advanced camera and video features, like new Focus Pixels, better face detection, continuous autofocus and enhanced noise reduction, so it's easier to shoot higher-quality photos and videos.

Metal raises the game.
To get the greatest graphics performance out of the A8 chip and iOS 8, we introduced Metal - a new technology that lets developers create highly immersive console-style games on iPhone. Metal is optimised to allow the CPU and GPU to work together to deliver detailed graphics and complex visual effects. So every imaginary world you visit will feel much more realistic.

M8 coProcessor :. Technology that moves you forward.
When you're in motion, the M8 motion coProcessor : continuously measures data from the accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and a new barometer. This offloads work from the A8 chip for improved power efficiency. And now those sensors do even more, measuring your steps, distance and elevation changes.

Go to greater lengths. And heights.
Barometer - The barometer senses air pressure to determine your relative elevation. So as you move, you can keep track of the elevation you've gained. It can even measure stairs climbed or hills conquered.

Accelerometer - The accelerometer can measure your distance for walking and running. And by using GPS to calibrate for your running stride, the sensor more accurately captures your movement.

Gyroscope - In addition to knowing whether you're on the move or stationary, M8 works with the gyroscope to detect when you're driving. It also kicks into action when you're taking panoramic photos or playing games that react to your movement.

The camera that changed photos now does the same for video.
Every day, people take more photos with iPhone than with any other camera. That's because the iSight camera makes it so remarkably easy. Now, in addition to its large 1.5-micron pixels and f/2.2 aperture, the world's most popular camera is packed with new technologies to help everyone take more great photos.

To make it just as easy to shoot amazing video, we added new features like the option to capture 1080p HD at 60 fps, 240-fps slo-mo and time-lapse video. And you can shoot HD video and then watch the stunning results on the large Retina HD display.

iSight. Our best camera gets even better.
It takes innovative technology to make a great camera even better. That's why we added features to the 8MP iSight camera like a new sensor with Focus Pixels, improved face detection and exposure control. So you can take the photo and let iPhone 6 do the rest.

Focus Pixels
Focus Pixels are enabled by the new Apple-designed image signal Processor :. They provide the sensor with more information about your image, giving you better and faster autofocus that you can even see in preview.

Improved face detection
The iSight camera now recognises faces faster and more accurately - even those further away or in a crowd - for better portraits and group shots. And it improves blink and smile detection and selection of faces in burst mode to automatically capture your best shots.

Exposure control
Lighten or darken a photo or video in the preview pane with a simple slide, up to four f-stops in either direction.

Auto image stabilisation
Auto image stabilisation makes up for motion blur and hand shakiness by taking four photos with a short exposure time. Then the best parts of those photos are combined into one image with as little noise, subject motion and hand shake as possible.

Optical image stabilisation
iPhone 6 Plus introduces optical image stabilisation that works with the A8 chip, gyroscope and M8 motion coProcessor : to measure motion data and provide precise lens movement to compensate for hand shake in lower light. The fusing together of long- and short-exposure images also helps to reduce subject motion. This unique integration of hardware and software delivers beautiful low-light photos.

Photos App
Capture the moment. Then edit it in seconds with smart composition tools, adjustments and photo filters in the Photos app. And if you just want to take a quick photo, you can share it directly from the Lock screen using your passcode or Touch ID.

High-resolution panorama
Pano mode now lets you take higher-resolution panoramic photos at up to 43MP. And dynamic auto exposure adjusts as you shoot to capture your most epic shots with incredible clarity.

An amazing camera. Now an even more amazing video camera.
The iSight camera doesn't only take great photos. It lets you shoot stunning 1080p HD video at 60 fps, capture more dramatic slo-mo video and, for the first time, create time-lapse videos. Continuous autofocus provides constant focus as you capture your footage. And cinematic video stabilisation keeps your shots steady, even when you're not.

Time-lapse video
Now you can create incredible time-lapse videos. iOS 8 does all the work, snapping photos at dynamically selected intervals. Just set up your iPhone to shoot what you want. Swipe to select Time-lapse mode, tap the Record button, and let Camera record as long as you choose. You'll have an amazing movie, whether you record for 30 minutes or 30 hours.

1080p HD at 60 fps
When you're shooting HD video on iPhone 6, you have the option of recording 1080p at 60 fps. These faster frame rates capture more action each second to create sharper images for smoother, more true-to-life video.

Continuous autofocus
iPhone now includes continuous autofocus in video - an advanced optical feature that uses new Focus Pixels to ensure that your shot stays sharp while you're filming, even if you or your subjects are on the move. And faster autofocus means you experience fewer inadvertent focus changes, dramatically improving the quality of your video.

240-fps slo-mo
Slow down life's fastest moments. The slo-mo feature on iPhone 6 lets you shoot HD video at either 120 fps or 240 fps in 720p. You can even record and then select the portion you want to slow down, or change which section of your film is in slow motion at any time.

Cinematic video stabilisation
Cinematic video stabilisation helps to keep your shots steady. So even if you're doing something like filming while hanging off the side of a street car, your video looks as smooth as if you were gliding through the scene on a rig.

With FaceTime HD, you can be there even when you're not.
With a larger aperture and all-new sensor technology, the front-facing FaceTime HD camera now captures 81 per cent more light. It also has improved face detection. And its new burst mode takes 10 photos per second. So whether you're trying to snap the perfect selfie or connecting with someone across the world, every image looks just right.

Exposure control
The FaceTime camera includes the same exposure controls available to the iSight camera, so you can lighten or darken your photos and videos with a simple nudge in either direction.

Improved face detection
The FaceTime camera has improved face detection to recognise faces faster and more accurately. It also improves blink detection and smile detection to give you better-quality selfies and group shots.

Improved HDR photos and video
The new sensor enables beautiful HDR photos and video with great dynamic range, automatically giving you better-looking video calls and selfies.

Burst mode
Burst mode continuously captures 10 photos per second. And now it comes to the front-facing camera. iPhone works behind the scenes to analyse every shot in real time, comparing sharpness and clarity and even detecting when someone's eyes are closed. Then iPhone suggests individual photos or a sequence of photos that you might like best.

Timer mode
Group shots can take a little extra coordination. Give everyone time to get in frame by setting the timer - for 3 seconds or 10 seconds - to take a series of photos in burst mode. Your friends will thank you.

Faster wireless. Far and wide.
A super-fast connection can make you feel like the whole world is within reach. That's why iPhone 6 has faster download speeds1 and the ability to connect to networks all over the world. It also supports more advanced wireless technologies to boost performance and help you connect to the things - and people - that matter most.

Ultra-fast wireless.
With ultra-fast wireless, iPhone 6 users can experience faster download and upload speeds for browsing the web, streaming music, making video calls and more

Faster wireless performance.
iPhone 6 supports fast wireless technologies. That means iPhone users can connect to more high-speed wireless networks in more places. And when you're travelling, support for more networks helps you benefit from the growing number of roaming agreements around the world.

Up to 3x faster Wi‑Fi.
With new support for 802.11ac, you'll experience up to 3x faster Wi‑Fi than with 802.11n.

Security. Right at your fingertip.
Your fingerprint is the perfect password. You always have it with you. And no one can ever guess what it is. Our breakthrough Touch ID technology uses a unique fingerprint identity sensor to make unlocking your phone easy and secure. And with new developments in iOS 8 and Touch ID, your fingerprint will grant you faster access to so much more

Your fingerprint. Your iPhone.
Place your finger on the Home button, and just like that your iPhone unlocks. Touch ID is capable of 360-degree readability, which means no matter what its orientation - portrait, landscape or anything in between - your iPhone reads your fingerprint and knows who you are. And Touch ID even lets you enrol multiple fingerprints.

The technology behind Touch ID.
There's a lot of technology at work below the surface of the Home button. Touch it and the surrounding stainless steel ring detects your finger and wakes the capacitive touch sensor. The laser-cut sapphire crystal surface of the button then directs the image of your finger to the sensor, which reads beneath the outer layers of your skin to get a detailed fingerprint. Software then reads the ridges of your fingerprint and finds the match to unlock your phone.

Music. Films. Apps. Yours with a single touch.
Touch ID does more than just let you unlock your iPhone. Your fingerprint can also approve purchases from iTunes and the App Store, so you don't have to enter your password or billing information again and again. And for the first time, developers can integrate Touch ID into third‑party apps.

The biggest iOS release ever.
It's not just iPhone 6 that's bigger. The world's most advanced mobile Operating System : has made a huge leap too. iOS 8 has new capabilities and functions that let you do things you could only imagine before, like using your health and fitness apps to communicate with your doctor. Developers now have deeper access and more tools to bring some of the amazing new features of iOS 8 to their apps. And it all looks great on the large Retina HD display.

What's new in iOS 8.
iOS 8 is full of features that make every experience better. More fun, useful and surprising ways to send messages. A better picture of your health and fitness information. A whole new way to bring harmony to your family's digital life. And so much more.

Messages. Actually LOL. OL.
Look forward to doing amazing new things with the app you use most. In iOS 8, Messages has fun, useful, even surprising features that will change the way you think about messaging.

Add your voice to the conversation.
Messages in iOS 8 makes it easy to capture any sound - your voice, a song or a big laugh - and make it part of the conversation. Simply touch and hold the new microphone button to record your message. Then swipe to send it.

Send a video quickly and easily.
The new Messages app lets you share what you're seeing almost as you're seeing it. Quickly send a video of your brother's first time snowboarding. Or your dad trying to dance at the ceilidh. When you do, you've said so much more than "Having fun on holiday". And you've said it in seconds.

Take charge of group messages.
Start a group conversation and give it a name like "Football Team" or "Road Trip". Easily include who you want, drop who you don't and leave the conversation whenever you like. Or turn on Do Not Disturb and then read through the messages when you have time.

Share your location in the middle of the conversation.
Where are you?" Answer that question more clearly than ever with a map showing your location. You can also share your whereabouts with people you choose for an hour, until the end of the day or indefinitely. And you can see people in the message thread on a map if they've shared their locations.

Tap to see every attachment from a conversation.
It's simple to browse the photos and videos within a thread. You'll see all the photos and videos going back to the very first exchange, without having to scroll through earlier messages

Send multiple photos and videos at once.
In Messages, tap the camera icon to see the most recent photos in your Camera Roll. Select the ones you want to share and tap Send. It's that easy. Want to send older photos? Tap Photo Library and select the shots you want.

Health. An entirely new way to use your health and fitness information.
The new Health app gives you an easy‑to‑read dashboard of your health and fitness data. And we've created a new tool for developers called HealthKit, which allows all the incredible health and fitness apps to work together, and work harder, for you. It just might be the beginning of a health revolution.

"How are you?" now has a really accurate answer.
Heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar, cholesterol - your health and fitness apps are great at collecting all that data. The new Health app puts that data in one place, accessible with a tap, giving you a clear and current overview of your health. You can also create an emergency card with important health information - for example, your blood type or allergies - that's available from your Lock screen.

Your health and fitness apps will work even harder for you.
With HealthKit, developers can make their apps even more useful by allowing them to access your health data too. And you choose what you want shared. For example, you can allow the data from your blood pressure app to be automatically shared with your doctor. Or allow your nutrition app to tell your fitness apps how many calories you consume each day. When your health and fitness apps work together, they become more powerful. And you might too.

You are in charge of your data.
The Health app lets you keep all your health and fitness information in one place on your device and under your control. The information you generate about yourself is yours to use and share. You decide what information is placed in Health and which apps can access your data through the Health app. When your phone is locked with a passcode or Touch ID, all your health and fitness data in the Health app is encrypted. You can back up data stored in the Health app to iCloud, where it is encrypted while in transit and at rest. Apps that access HealthKit are required to have a privacy policy, so be sure to review these policies before providing apps with access to your health and fitness data.

Family Sharing. Sharing with your family comes naturally. Now it comes to all your content.
Family Sharing is a new way to bring harmony to your family's digital life. Up to six people in your family can share purchases from iTunes and the App Store without sharing accounts. Pay for family purchases with the same credit card and approve kids' spending from a parent's device. Easily share photos, a family calendar and more to help keep everyone connected.

Being a family pays off in huge new ways.
Once you set up Family Sharing, family members get immediate access to each other's music, films and apps. Download what you want with a tap anytime you like. All without having to share an Apple ID or passwords.

The whole family can contribute to the family photo album.
Family Sharing makes collecting and sharing family memories easier and more fun. It automatically sets up a shared family album where you can contribute photos, videos and comments. And everything stays up to date on everyone's devices. So you're all a tap away from the latest holiday shots, birthday highlights and family pranks.

Now it's easy to be one of those organised families.
One shared family calendar equals one happy, organised family. Now everybody in the family can add events to one calendar. You can even set up family reminders that will appear on everyone's devices at the exact time or place you choose. So when it's school photo day, curry night or a trip to the beach, everyone's in the know.

Is your family all over the map? We've got you covered.
Family Sharing lets you share your location with your family members and shows you where they are too. Now it's easier than ever to meet up at the park, see if Dad's on his way home or keep tabs on your kids throughout the day. Out shopping for a surprise birthday gift? Just hide your location with a tap.

Where's Mum's iPad? And while you're at it, where's your brother's iPhone?
Finding your family's lost devices is even easier now that everyone can help. With the Find My iPhone app, family members can use their devices to locate one that's lost and have it play a sound (even if the ringer is turned off). If you don't want your devices to be located, simply turn sharing of

Set limits and still look like the good guy.
Parents get more control, while kids feel like they have more freedom. It's not a parenting miracle, it's Family Sharing. Enjoy the convenience of paying for family purchases with a single credit card. Enable “Ask to Buy” to require children to get permission before making iTunes and App Store purchases. You can even create Apple IDs for children under 13 years old so they can participate too.

iCloud Drive. Any kind of file. On all your devices.
Now you have the freedom to work with the document of your choice on the device of your choice. Because with iCloud Drive, you can safely store all your presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images and any other kind of document in iCloud and access them from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC.

Storing files in iCloud is simple. Just as it should be.
To upload your files to iCloud, simply drag them into the iCloud Drive folder on your Mac running OS X Yosemite or PC running Windows 7 or later. Or start a new document using an iCloud-enabled app on your iOS device. Then you'll be able to access those documents from all your devices.

Edits you make on one device appear on all of them.
Using iCloud Drive means you'll always have access to the latest version of all your documents from any device. For example, you can start creating a presentation on your Mac at home, then make final edits and present it in class using your iPad. All the changes you make along the way appear automatically on all your devices.

Start your work in one app. Add the finishing touches in another.
Your apps can now share files, which means you can access and work on the same file across multiple apps. For example, you can create a drawing in a sketching app, then open it in a painting app to colour it in. Or create a chart in one app and place it in a slideshow using a presentation app. No more making copies or importing documents from one app to another. It's a whole new level of collaboration among apps.

Take action on texts, email, calendar invitations, reminders and even messages, straight from the apps' notification banners, and without leaving the app you're in.

iPhone comes with an amazing collection of apps.
iPhone 6 is ready to do big things, and everyday things, straight out of the box. Edit photos on the go. Create the perfect playlist. iPhone comes packed with great built-in apps that are optimised to take advantage of the A8 chip's 64-bit desktop-class architecture.

Take beautiful photos and videos with just the touch of a button. Create a time-lapse video or epic panorama images. Shoot in slo-mo. And apply live filters.

The all-new Photos app makes it simpler to find and rediscover your favourite photos. And edit them on the go with powerful new editing tools.

Dial with a single tap. Instantly reply to a call with a text message. Turn on Do Not Disturb. And check messages in any order you want with Visual Voicemail.

With the new front-facing FaceTime HD camera, you can take your best selfies and group shots, and make video or audio calls over Wi‑Fi or a mobile network to an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.

Send, receive and reply across all your accounts. Swipe to scan your inbox and tap to open attachments. Keep track of email conversations by thread. Turn your iPhone 6 Plus from portrait to landscape to see your inbox and messages in a single view.

Passbook stores boarding passes, tickets, gift cards and more - and automatically displays them on your Lock screen when and where you need them.

This is web browsing at its most beautiful. Pages look crisp and sharp, and they load almost instantly. Tap the Reader icon to read web articles without ads or distractions. View items on your Reading List on any device — even when you're offline. And browse through all your tabs with a simple swipe.

Incredibly sharp graphics and text, even when you zoom in. And photo‑realistic, interactive 3D views with Flyover. The Maps app is a destination in itself.

Manage your busy schedule with the Calendar app. View by list, day or month. Switch from portrait to landscape to see more days at once on your Retina HD display.

Build an iTunes library full of your favourite songs, artists and albums. Tap Shuffle to mix things up.

Game Center
The world is your arcade with Game Center.
Challenge your friends or take on an opponent six time zones away. When you're done dominating, check the leaderboards for scores and achievements.

iTunes Store
With millions of songs and thousands of HD films, it's easy to find your favourites - and discover new ones - when you shop at the iTunes Store. And with iCloud, you can access everything you buy on all your devices.

App Store
The App Store app puts more than one million apps and games at your fingertips.Browse Featured Apps or categories like Music, Education, Kids and more. Or tap Near Me for app recommendations based on your current location.

Download and read everything from classics to the latest page-turners. Add bookmarks and notes. Adjust the font size and background colour for easier reading. And with iCloud, you can start reading a book on your iPhone and continue on your iPad, iPod touch or Mac.

Over one million apps. Infinite possibilities.
For just about anything you can imagine, there's an app to help you do it. With over one million apps, the App Store has the best selection of mobile apps - many of them free - from Apple and third-party developers. All designed for iPhone.

Start on your iPhone. Finish on your Mac or iPad.
Apple products have always been designed to work together beautifully. But now they may really surprise you. With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, your iPhone is seamlessly connected to your Mac and other iOS devices. Use Handoff with favourite apps like Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps and more. Answer calls on your Mac or iPad. Send photo, video or text messages from any of your devices. And use your iPhone as an instant Wi‑Fi hotspot.

Whatever developers do next, you can be sure it will be big.
iOS 8 is the biggest iOS release ever. With deeper access and more tools, developers are leveraging the new capabilities of iOS 8 to create amazing apps and features. You'll see new keyboard options, you'll have even more ways to share your content, and you'll be able to use iCloud and Touch ID in ways you never have before.

Article Id : 491160774
Product Name : Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smart Phone 16 GB, Space Grey
Internal Storage : 16 GB
Screen size : 5.5 inch (13.97 cm)
Processor : A8 chip
Operating System : iOS 8
Primary Camera : 8 MP

Article Id : 491160775
Product Name : Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smart Phone 16 GB, Silver
Internal Storage : 16 GB
Screen size : 5.5 inch (13.97 cm)
Processor : A8 chip
Operating System : iOS 8
Primary Camera : 8 MP

Article Id : 491160776
Product Name : Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smart Phone 16 GB, Gold
Internal Storage : 16 GB
Screen size : 5.5 inch (13.97 cm)
Processor : A8 chip
Operating System : iOS 8
Primary Camera : 8 MP

Article Id : 491160777
Product Name : Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smart Phone 64 GB, Space Grey
Internal Storage : 64 GB
Screen size : 5.5 inch (13.97 cm)
Processor : A8 chip
Operating System : iOS 8
Primary Camera : 8 MP

Article Id : 491160778
Product Name : Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smart Phone 64 GB, Silver
Internal Storage : 64 GB
Screen size : 5.5 inch (13.97 cm)
Processor : A8 chip
Operating System : iOS 8
Primary Camera : 8 MP

Article Id : 491160779
Product Name : Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smart Phone 64 GB, Gold
Internal Storage : 64 GB
Screen size : 5.5 inch (13.97 cm)
Processor : A8 chip
Operating System : iOS 8
Primary Camera : 8 MP

Article Id : 491160780
Product Name : Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smart Phone 128 GB, Space Grey
Internal Storage : 128 GB
Screen size : 5.5 inch (13.97 cm)
Processor : A8 chip
Operating System : iOS 8
Primary Camera : 8 MP

Article Id : 491160781
Product Name : Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smart Phone 128 GB, Silver
Internal Storage : 128 GB
Screen size : 5.5 inch (13.97 cm)
Processor : A8 chip
Operating System : iOS 8
Primary Camera : 8 MP

Article Id : 491160782
Product Name : Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smart Phone 128 GB, Gold
Internal Storage : 128 GB
Screen size : 5.5 inch (13.97 cm)
Processor : A8 chip
Operating System : iOS 8
Primary Camera : 8 MP


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