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A gadget is known by the App it keeps!

Time was when gadgets were known by the hardware they were powered by – remember Intel Inside? While that may still hold true. Today most devices are known by the kind of Apps they host and what you can get done by them! "App of the Week" endeavours to present an App a week that is strong in proposition, simple in functionality, and fascinating to be shared, and spoken about – in short a great conversation starter!
This week's featured App:
  • Waze
    By Waze Inc.
  • Licence
  • Category
  • Compatible with
    iPhone, iPad and
    iPod Touch
  • Requires iOS
    iOS 7 or later
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Product Description:

If you’re tired of using the same old boring navigation app, then you’ll be quite excited to use Waze. It does everything a basic navigation app does, but it puts a whole lot of fun and social spin to it. The app lets you to join a community of drivers that can help each other by giving updates on traffic jams, accidents, road hazards, police checkpoints and other road obstructions coming along the way. You can get information uploaded by people or notify other users around you about the traffic jams as well. The app even lets you give detailed information about the cause of traffic jam and attach a photo to it.

Finding a route your destination is simple. Just type in the address and the app provides you with the multiple routes, giving you the freedom to choose the fastest one. The app also keeps updating on new routes and even edits the old ones to make sure you never hit a dead end. It’s constantly evolving in helping you find a faster way around your city.  Besides that you can also search for service establishments like restaurants, mechanics and gas stations.

Above all, the app offers a fun looking interface. You can connect with friends and find out their whereabouts when meeting them. You can even sync your calendar events to get quick notifications. The more you update on Waze, the more points you’re awarded, ranking you higher in the community.

Features and Functions:

  • Get real-time update on traffic jams, accidents and road hazards
  • Get voice navigation
  • Update other users about traffic via photos
  • Connect with Facebook friends and sync phone contacts
  • Choose between the fastest route to your destination
  • Chat with other people stuck in traffic around you


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